Adapting to a Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Predictive Maintenance focuses primarily on predicting the likelihood of the occurrence of a failure and preventing the failure by performing timely maintenance.


  • Reduces unexpected downtimes and improves the availability of the equipment

  • Reduces the maintenance costs and improves the maintainability of the equipment

  • Improves the overall performance and production outcomes of the installation/plant

Key Factors:

  • Human Resources:

    Adapting Predictive Maintenance doesn’t add or remove jobs. It enhances the performance of the existing maintenance personnel.

  • Skills & Capabilities:

    Most of the time, the skills and capabilities required to apply Predictive Maintenance strategy are already available in the organisation.

  • Criticality – the scope of work:

    Monitor the critical equipment which when fails, affect the installation/plant the most and in the worst case, stop the operations.

  • Approach of implementation:

    Adapt the Predictive Maintenance strategy to move from corrective or reactive based maintenance to proactive maintenance.

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Imerys is fully satisfied by the performance of PREDICT and work regarding the implementation of the Kasem software within the Monicalc project, at the Imerys Minerals Site in the UK.

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