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In the mining industry, the cost of downtime and unplanned breakdowns can have a significant impact on overall productivity. Identifying the equipment that requires maintenance upfront and, planning the maintenance efficiently would help in cost-effective operation and provision of safe working environments.

PREDICT offers Predictive Maintenance solution to mining industries processing different types of minerals. We have all the experience to handle a wide variety of industrial processes intended for different applications and, equipment operating in varied environments.

Our Solution

  • Estimate remaining useful life of the assets
  • Identify root causes of failure
  • Eliminate breakdowns
  • Fleet and multi-site analysis
  • Interface with existing maintenance management tools (CMMS)


  • Reduce downtime
  • Effective maintenance planning
  • Improve operational availability
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Increase productivity

Case studies

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Imerys is fully satisfied by the performance of PREDICT and work regarding the implementation of the Kasem software within the Monicalc project, at the Imerys Minerals Site in the UK.

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